About Maritime Monument Works Inc

Maritime Monument Works Inc was born in December of 2016.  It had been a lifelong dream for me to own my own company, and I feel fortunate that I could do it along side my wife, Jennifer, and continue to do the work that I have grown to love and appreciate over the past 30 years.

My father started working for Heritage Memorials in 1988 as the cemetery lettering man for NB, PEI, Northern NS & NFLD.  He travelled that area for 9 years until he had built it up enough where Heritage was forced to hire another guy to take Northern NS and NFLD.  Dad focused on NB and PEI where he quickly became the go to guy for almost 50 sales agents.  He also started a company that focused on the Straightening, foundation and cleaning of headstones. 

When the restoration work started to roll in, and the engraving was becoming busier all the time, he asked if I’d like to go to work with him.  So, in 2002 I started as a full-time seasonal employee of Heritage Memorials Ltd.  I had travelled with dad since 1988, at the age of 5, and had learned a lot about the job, but now with the job becoming computerized I had to take on a greater roll. 

Dad and I were able to work together for 9 seasons until during a wet spring where we were falling behind due to the poor weather, he made the decision to send me out on my own where I focused on the lettering in NB, and he and my mother worked almost exclusively on Prince Edward Island.  I helped with the foundation work when I could.

For the next 6 years we worked this way until health issues forced him into retirement following the 2014 season.  I worked another couple of years for heritage, but it quickly became evident that I was going to need help to keep up with the growing demand of the engraving and restoration work.  Jennifer and I decided that the best thing to do would be to go out on our own and start a company so we could afford to hire some help.  The first season we had one part time employee, and the 2nd season we kept the part time employee and added a full-time worker.  We hope to be able to keep expanding so we can serve even more of the families of the Maritimes with all their monument needs.